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Final Workshop

19 September 2022

Rising CO2 emissions are one of the most serious environmental problems that the planet faces today.

Yesterday, 19th September, was held the Final RECODE Workshop. After the project profile, main contents of the project and especially the actions for the development CO2 recovery and conversion were presented.

During the event the main actors of the project have taken part to discuss the actions and challenges related to the CO2 recovery with ionic liquids, the Electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 and the Conversion of CO2 into nanoCaCO3.

Final Workshop

September 19, 14.00-16.00, online

The RECODE project aimed at enabling a circular-economy approach within the cement industry. The target of the project was to capture the CO2 present in the flue gases from the cement industry and to utilise it to produce added-value chemicals, which can be used within the cement industry itself. The project developed all sub-processes and achieved a demonstration of the whole process chain at the Kamari cement plant (Greece) at TRL 6.

Research and innovation projects Filling the gap between research and industry


Hysytech's poster for the IFAT 22

Towards the implementation of the EU Green Deal through the production of sustainable fuels and chemicals


The webinar was held on Tuesday 31st of May as part of the European Green Week. The objective was to showcase and discuss about the latest innovative solutions to combat climate change, eliminate the carbon footprint in the production of green chemicals, as well as to contribute to the European Green Deal for a resource-efficient and climate-neutral Europe by 2050. Click  here for more info.

Unite 01 Installation

The installation of Unite 01 has been successfully completed at Kamari plant TITAN.

Road2GreenChem Horizon Results Booster cluster

Discover Road2GreenChem’s innovation and take part in the green revolution

The Horizon Results Booster cluster, Road2GreenChem involves RECODE, DECADEOceanSolar2Chem, SunCO2Chem and SUNERGY.

Six EU-funded projects developing and demonstrating innovative technologies for green chemistry, solar energy and green power to ultimately defossilise the chemical industry through closure of the carbon cycle.

Learn more about this high calibre research in their MANIFESTO.

RECODE 3rd Review Meeting

Review Meeting and Demo plant installation

3rd Review Meeting ended. With regards to innovation for climate change a pilot units for carbon capture demonstration has been installed at TITAN Kamari Plan.

Let's look optimistic about our next demonstration campaign of Recode technology.

RECODE 52-months Meeting

General Assembly

Partners working together for developing new technologies for recycling CO2 from Cement Industry to produce added-value additives in a circular economy approach.

Next step: demo plant installation.

CO2Oling the Earth Summer School - 3rd Edition

28 September 2021. The seminar and the workshop will be held online due to the COVID-19 risks

Aim of the PhD school
Is it possible to scale up the system I studied during my PhD? What are the criticalities to scale up a research project from the lab bench to prototyping and to the further possible industrialization?The aim is to give a perspective on how a process is defined as sustainable and scalable, and give to the participants the tools to assess the scalability and feasibility of their project on a larger scale.
The PhD school will last one day and will consist of a session with presentations from industrial partners, mainly from EU H2020 projects on CCU, followed by a workshop in which PhD students will have the chance to present their research and receive feedback and suggestions from an industrial panel on the upscalability of their work.

Towards Zero Pollution in the Production of Green Fuels and Chemicals in the framework of the EU Green Week

Fri, Jun 4, 2021, 10:00 AM CEST

Using sunlight to manufacture fuels or chemicals from carbon dioxide & water can offer sustainable manufacturing alternatives for industry.
Even with the progress made in decreasing the pollution impact of the industrial sector in Europe, still, great challenges exist in lowering the carbon footprint by progressively substituting the use of fossil fuels. A paradigm shift is needed in the manufacturing of chemical goods and high value-added products, where disruptive technologies will play a key role to achieve the climate change targets for 2050. The European Commission is investing in those technologies with the aim to develop negative emission solutions and lower Europe’s / the industry’s carbon footprint.

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RECODE 2year Meeting

Some new faces in the crowd
The Mid-Term Project MEeting Committee has just concluded. It was kindly hosted by KIT. The mood is vibrant! stay tuned...the next two years we'll steer innovation!!

Back to Class

RECODE team is getting ready for the review!

Thanks to Politecnico for being such nice hosts

Kick-off meeting

The kick-off meting of the RECODE project was held on the 7th September 2017 in Brussels at the premises of the European Commission - DG Research & Innovation.

Summer School leading to media interest...

A very interesting article was published by German journal DW about RECODE.

The interest toward the project arose after the discussions and lectures given by several REOCDE partners at CO2oling the Earth (picture above)

Press Release

A press release was realized by IIT, translated and it presented the Italian Institute of Technology center in Torino and it informs the public about European Commission funding and presents project main goals. The coverage was mainly local (Piedmont region) and national, by magazines and newspapers. The news circulated are written in Italian.