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UAB Modernios E-Technologijos (MET)

MET was founded in 2007 by the researchers and developers working on FP projects in the field of renewable energy, heat and storage systems and specialty chemicals for PV industry with the aim to develop and up-scale technologies for industry. Combined competencies of physicists, chemists and engineers employed by MET are resulting in novel pilot scale equipment designs. In 2013 the company was acknowledged by the EC as the most active hightech SME in FP7 in Lithuania.

Team role and expertise in the project

MET activities will be mostly focused on the design, manufacturing and certification of the nanopowders production line, including concept design of nanofillers synthesis coupling, analysis of CaCO3 precipitation and recovery, design and manufacturing of advanced CaCO3/NH4Cl crystallisation units, integration and testing of CaCO3/NH4Cl crystallisation. MET will closely cooperate with the project partners on the integration of nanopowders production line with related control unit, as well as certification and installation of the developed equipment on the testing site. MET also will contribute with its expertise on modelling of the separate units and by  monitoring of the equipment performance during the demo campaign.


Juras Ulbikas

CEO-Principal Investigator

Daiva Ulbikiene

Financial and Project Manager

Saulius Pakalka

Engineer-Principal Investigator

Vaidvile Ulbikaite

Project Manager