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TITAN Cement Company (TITAN)

TITAN Cement Co S.A. is the largest cement producer in Greece and ranked 28th globally. Founded in 1902, it employs about 5,650 people in 14 countries and is growing as a multi-regional, vertically integrated cement producer. Its portfolio covers the production of cement, concrete, aggregates, mortars and other building materials along with the processing of fly ash. TITAN’s CSR and Sustainability commitment is demonstrated in its own policies and practices as well as through active participation in several international initiatives (CSR Europe, WBCSD, CSI and the European Alliance for CSR).

Research, Development & Quality Department (RDQ)

The Research, Development & Quality Department (RDQ) consists of the Analytical Laboratory, the Laboratory of Concrete Technology, the Alternative Fuels Laboratory and the Dry Mortars Laboratory. The infrastructure available allows for complete preparation and characterization of building materials in addition to testing conventional and alternative fuels and measuring of industrial emissions. Among its main tasks are the development of GHG emission reduction strategies, the valorization of alternative fuels and raw materials, the development of alternative cementitious materials and the quality support of TITAN Group.

Team role and expertise in the project

A very important part of the project is an industrial scale demonstration campaign of the technology developed. The demonstration includes an integrated system prototype whose results will be the basis to prove the technical and economic feasibility in an industrially relevant environment. TITAN has an instrumental role in this part of the project, since the prototype will be tested in one of his cement plants. The flue gases of the plant will be the CO2 source. TITAN is responsible for the definition of the specifications of the system and its sub-units, the design and the preparation of the test site and the operation and monitoring of the prototype. Furthermore, TITAN will take part at the evaluation of the data collected, including the techno-economic analysis, and the quality of the demonstration products as cement additives.


Marios Katsiotis

Principal Investigator – Group Research & Innovation Manager

John Giannakopoulos

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Nikolaos Pistofidis

Group Quality Support Manager