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Hysytech is a Chemical Engineering Company (2003 in Turin, Italy). Main product is engineering, focused on innovation, providing total quality engineering solutions and services like specialized solutions on chemical processing, traditional and renewable energy, power generation and environment treatment.International experience and technological background cover several fields: R&D, Engineering Prototyping, Pilot Plant and Industrial Facilities EPCM, Process and Technologies Implementation.

Team role and expertise in the project

HST will:
- lead the WP6 for process modelling and control system development
- lead the systems assembly through the sub-units integration in WP2
- assemble and pre-certify such plants at its premises
- be involved in the development, design, assembling and testing of the CO2 capture and recovery plants in WP3
- contribute to the operation of the TRL 6 demo campaign
- contribute to WP2 to define plants specification, permitting and site preparation
- give minor contributions in WP4 and WP5 for plant integration purposes
- provide inputs in WP7 & WP8: LCA & REACH, pre-normative studies and market potential analyses, technology implementation plan, dissemination and training.



Massimiliano Antonini

Principal Investigator

Luigi Marchisio 


Andrés Saldivia


Simone Solaro 

Project Manager